Islero dining chairs

Islero is a dining chair constructed from selected certified timbers that slot and screw together in a simple manner. The frame has been designed with minimum process in mind, it is laser cut, folded and powder coated ready for the timber sculptured seat, back rest and legs to be attached. The position and angling of the back-rest were given foremost consideration to ensure comfort when sitting while the seat was sculptured subtly to maintain aesthetic unison with the angle of the back-rest. The legs taper slightly to the ground to complete a warm, classic timber feel.

El Toro

Paying homage to Islero, foe of the famous Manolete, the chair’s back-rest swoops in a smooth curve angling upward in a proud gesture with ample surface area atop to rest your arm. A clean simple steel frame gives a visual lightness to a solid timber seat that appears to float above the legs.